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Finley Art

Doodle, doodle, doodle... That's what I do! Ever since the early days of high school in South Florida. I have always had a love for drawing!

These days as I service clients both local and worldwide,  I work in several mediums, but I've always been "drawn" to my favorite which is black and white pencil or "graphite". It is my specialty and I feel that there is so much to see and feel in a classic black and white drawing. Graphite speaks to me and it is a medium I tend to excel at.

The process is simple, and starts with you sending a clear photo, either email or via snail mail. Don't worry about the imperfections or the background being busy, etc, as I like to simplify it and make the focus on the subject.
I will respond in a timely manner, and provide you with pricing and size options. Prices for my highly detailed custom drawings typically run from $450 - $650 depending upon the desired final size.

Your final product is a Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee which is ready to hang. The added benefit is that having a Gallery Wrapped Canvas allows your drawing to be sized up to fit nicely and look GREAT on any wall of your choice! Either a small, medium, or large sized Giclee is chosen by you.

My focus is on capturing the essence, detail, and personality of your loved one. To me it is a joy to see my clients faces when they receive their custom one of a kind gift. I hope to be able to do this for you by capturing your loved one with my pencil today!








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